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  • Listening to: The Final Riot! by Paramore
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I've been taking a break from my artistic talent but now i'm feeling that, one way or another, the world will see my artwork. So i'm leting you guys know that after my Kristen Stewart portrait and my Hayley Williams portrait i'm goin to do some new portraits... from now on, since a lot of people love twilight saga, i'm going to some some more portraits from the twilight saga... i'm going to start with Alice Cullen and then maybe i draw Jacob or Edward ( don't know yet )

I also want you to come check my work and comment so I can know your opinion ( which is something VERY IMPORTANT ).

Ohhhh and thank you if you commented fav it or just watched my artwork.... it means a lot to me
  • Listening to: Amazing by Kanye West
  • Eating: Chocolate cake
  • Drinking: Coke
Tomorrow you have a very important test but today we have a party where everyone is going, so what do you prefer:

Go to the party with nothing to celebrate, come back to a house that is not the house you want, in a car that is not the one from your dreams and without the girl of your dreams;

Or study for the test, forget this party, and later go to your own party, to celebrate your success, come back to a house that you want, with your dream car and with the girl you want.

I'm going with the second one.